Rewatch 2022 (eng)aging conference & technology fair

ageingWe invite you to rewatch for the 2022 (eng)aging! –  5th International Conference on Ageing & Technology Fair held under the title “Active Ageing through Innovation: Learning from the COVID-19  Pandemic” on June 8–9, 2022. Report and photo and video galleries are now available at

Hlavní rubrika: Aktuality
Rubriky: Aktuality
Datum zveřejnění: 27. září 2022

The recent edition of (eng)aging! event  debated on how to overcome the uncertainties and challenges posed to older people by the COVID-19 pandemic and presented technological products and solutions which have a potential to improve lives of older people.

Why to Rewatch:  

  • ​Covid-19 and Older People - to follow debates on lessons learnt from the pandemic, how to ​better protect older people from the negative impacts of similar crises in the future, how effectively combat ageism and social exclusion, how to increase digital inclusivity and literacy among older people and how to innovate national and international aging policies taking into consideration the lessons of the pandemic and post-pandemic reality. 

  • Older Workers’ Participation in the Labor Market - to hear discussion about changes of work possibility for older people in pandemic and post-pandemic era and its impact on the labor markets and get acquainted with the concept of work ability as a key condition for employability and with age management as a tool for managing individual factors of work ability.

  • Keynote Speakers - to learn from renowned experts, academics, and practitioners with deep and inspirational knowledge on the field of aging and modern technologies.  

  • Cutting-edge Technologies - to experience products and innovations that improve the quality of life of older people including robots, VR, gadgets, mobile applications, wearables, etc.

  • Inspiration - to expand your knowledge and to ​get inspired ​by like-minded individuals from more than 15 countries.