EAPS PhD Network

eapsInformace o vytvoření EAPS PhD Network, jejíž cílem je vytvořit síť doktorandů po celé Evropě v oblasti populačních studií, posílit možnosti výzkumu a spolupráce, např. při organizování akcí apod. Tato platforma je podporovaná Evropskou asociací pro populační studia (EAPS).

Hlavní rubrika: Aktuality
Rubriky: Aktuality
Datum zveřejnění: 13. dubna 2020

Dear PhD’er,

Recently the EAPS PhD network was established.

The idea is to create a network for PhD scholars across Europe in the broad field of population studies to strengthen research and network opportunities by e.g. organising events, maintaining a website with information and promoting activities. This network will be supported by the European Association for Population Studies (EAPS). Since the exact activities of the PhD network are not yet clearly defined we would like to ask for your input by filling out a short survey (9 tick box questions).

In light of recent conference cancellations we are currently also looking at virtual options to accommodate PhD students with a way to present their work to fellow researchers and get feedback on their work. Nothing has been decided yet but in the survey you can indicate whether you would be interested in such an endeavour.

In case you have any questions or suggestions please send an email to one of the members of the steering committee (see below) or visit the website.

Feel free to forward this email to other PhDs who you know might be interested.

Kind regards,
The EAPS PhD network

Alyce Raybould (LSHTM & PopFest, UK)

Francesco Rampazzo (University of Southampton, UK & Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany)

Anna Altová (Charles University & Young Demographers, Czech Republic)

Vytenis Deimantas (Bocconi University, Italy)

Gusta Wachter (NIDI, EAPS, the Netherlands)