Technologies for Active and Independent Living in Old Age

We invite you to register for (eng)aging! 2021 – a virtual conference held under the title “Technologies for Active and Independent Living in Old Age” on February 10–11, 2021. This year’s conference will debate how modern technology can improve quality of life of older people and recent COVID-19 developments and its impacts on the elderly.

Registration to the conference is free of charge


Hlavní rubrika: Ostatní akce
Rubriky: Ostatní akce
Datum: 10. února 2021 — 11. února 2021
Místo: online
Organizátor: KEYNOTE

It is our pleasure to announce that the international conference entitled "Technologies for Active and Independent Living in Old Age”. The forth edition from a series organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project will be dedicated to discussing the interrelationships between aging and new technologies.
Due to the negative outlook for the development of the pandemic in the Czech Republic and in the world and with regard to the health of the participants, we decided to organize conference fully virtually

Why Attend:  

  • Covid-19 and Older People - debate how the pandemic of Covid-19 affected 
    the lives of older people and what role modern technologies played in lockdown. 

  • Keynote Speakers - listen to renowned experts, academics, and practitioners with deep and inspirational knowledge on the field of aging and modern technologies.  

  • Cutting-edge Technologies - experience products and innovations that improve the quality of life of older people including robots, VR, gadgets, mobile applications, wearables, etc.   

  • New Trends - dive deep into new ideas that will affect global trends in aging in the next decade – digital revolution in health care, healthy aging and longevity research, etc.   

  • Inspiration - expand your knowledge and network and inspire yourself from 
    like-minded individuals from more than 15 countries. 

The conference is a great opportunity for scholars from universities and institutions to present research, share knowledge and to network with world-class scientists and industry leaders. The organizers anticipate over 120 delegates including representatives of government, industry leaders, researchers, scholars, NGOs, and providers of health care and social services.
The international conference is organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project, which aims to foster society-wide debate about the accelerating demographic change and population aging. The project aims to stimulate a constructive discussion about these trends and to look for ways to make use of them for the benefit of the society.

Martin Špáta
Project Coordinator