Population Aging: Challenges and Opportunities

Population Aging: Challenges And Opportunities is an international conference, dedicated to sharing experience, information and best practices on the topic of population aging . The aim of the  conference is also creating a platform which will bring together academics, professionals and stakeholders dealing with the demographic change to exchange experiences, establish new contacts, and debate challenges that the aging societies are facing and ways how to use this trend for the benefit of society. The conference is organized in frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project which consists of a series of panel discussions, public seminars and roundtables focusing on topics related to the demographic change.


Hlavní rubrika: Ostatní akce
Rubriky: Ostatní akce
Datum: 3. února 2017 — 4. února 2017
Místo: Praha
Organizátor: MPSV ČR, Hlavní město Praha
Web: www.keynote.cz/population-aging-challenges-and-opportunities/event/37

Population Aging: Challenges and Opportunities

Call for Papers

Prague, February 3 - 4, 2017

held under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic

and the City of Prague.


Confirmed keynote speakers:

Dr. Alexandre Sidorenko, Prof. Dr. Juhani Ilmarinen and Prof. MUDr. Jan Holčík, DrSc.

The international conference Population Aging: Challenges And Opportunities will address the broad topic of the demographic change focusing on three key areas that are essential for the societies to successfully cope with demographic change and also have a direct impact on the status of elderly citizens in society and their life and dignity - 1/ public policies and legislation, 2/ impact of demographic changes on economy and business environment, and 3/ health and social care. We are seeking papers that will contribute to a critical examination of this topic and result in fruitful discussion panels at the event. We invite abstracts on any of the following topics.*

1)    Public Policies and Legislation

  • Preparing societies for the demographic change: “Do countries have a strategy?”

examples of good practice

  • Impact of the demographic change on political systems/electoral behavior/party programs..
  • Seniors and politicians: grey mass of voters vs. active participation in civil society
  • Preparing the pension systems
  • Demographic change: Do we need new legislation?
  • The importance of community in successful implementation of aging policies
  • Migration as an important factor in the demographic change


2)  Impact of Demographic Changes on the Economy and Business Environment

  • Population aging:  Economic decline or a chance to increase the standard of living
  • Aging society as a new economic opportunity?
  • Increasing employability: How to employ 55+; The essential role of life-long training; How to lead employees through their career; Effective knowledge-transfer at the workplace
  • Modern technology: Creating or breaking down the intergenerational barriers?
  • Media and the demographic change


3) Health and Social Care

  • Healthcare for the aging population: Extending life vs. comfortable aging?
  • Communities as an actor in the elderly care?
  • Efficient coordination of health and social care services for the aging population
  • Prevention as a key to healthy aging
  • Aging with dignity and its practice in elderly care

*Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of topics, and we will review any abstracts which pertain to the demographic change and related topics.


Please submit your 500-word abstracts and a short bio by August 15, 2016. The abstracts will be subjected to a peer review process and should be submitted to: michlickova@keynote.cz.

 The organizers have also reserved a number of spaces for non-presenting conference attendees. If you wish to register as a non-presenting participant, please register at the email address above providing your full name and institution. 

For more information please see the Conference website or contact Ms. Magdalena Michlíčková at michlickova@keynote.cz.