New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?

It is our pleasure to announce that the international conference entitled "New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?” will be held in Prague on March 27–28, 2019.

Draft programu

Hlavní rubrika: Ostatní akce
Rubriky: Ostatní akce
Datum: 27. března 2019 — 28. března 2019
Místo: "Česká spořitelna" Palace (Rytířská 29, Praha 1)
Organizátor: KEYNOTE

Using modern technology can undoubtedly improve the lives of the older people. However, technological progress also comes with a dark side, as older people can be at risk of insufficient technological skills and are vulnerable to abuse.
The third annual international conference from a series organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project will be dedicated to discussing the interrelationships between aging and new technologies.


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Event overview

The international conference “New Technologies: Opportunity or Challenge for the Aging Population?” is the third from a series organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project.   The project reflects the crucial importance of a society-wide debate regarding the topic of demographic change and aging population, and aims to highlight these issues, stimulate a constructive discussion, and help to create conditions that will make use of demographic change for the benefit of societies. It consists of a series of panel discussions, public seminars, roundtables and annual international conference focusing on topics related to the demographic change and the population aging.  The first installment of the international conference took place in 2017 and was titled "Population Aging: Challenges And Opportunities" The second took place in 2018 and was reffered to as "Aging Workforce: Older Workers and Immigrants as New Pillars of Western Economies?". In 2019, the conference will address interrelationships between aging and modern technologies.  For more information on the topic see the call for papers section of this site.

The (eng)aging! project is organized by KEYNOTE, a well-established consultancy in cooperation with Active Aging Center, a non-governmental organization. KEYNOTE specializes in organizing conferences and events that lead to cutting-edge international encounters, bring new ideas to life, and facilitate a unique networking experience. In its projects KEYNOTE focuses principally on politics, international relations, security, civil society, new social trends, and business. Active Aging Center’s long term goal is to promote a societal debate on population aging and its impacts. Active Aging Center aims to improve quality of life of the elderly, their social status and intergenerational relations, to contribute to a change of the negative stereotypes about seniors present in public discourses and to raise employment rates of the generation 55+.